Senior Software Developer / Consultant - London

Are you a highly talented Senior Software Developer who loves a challenge and is fed up with conventional thinking and working in teams constrained by it? Maybe you are tired of being employed to use only a subset of the skills you have, or are in a place where it is difficult to learn anything new? If any of this rings true, it's possible we have an exciting opportunity for you, please read on.....

An environment has been created that allows the best Software Developers and Software Engineers to work in a way which unlocks their creative potential, then the best minds are recruited to work in that environment.

The list below gives an idea of the requirements, but it is only a snapshot. What is valued above everything else is the right combination of skill, enthusiasm and imagination.

You will be passionate about programming and it is highly likely that you will be a contributor to Open Source development and that you will have a strong interest in computing outside of work. It is also considered highly beneficial for candidates to have an interest in functional programming. Any demonstrable knowledge of Haskell, Erlang, Standard ML or Scheme will be highly advantageous.

A good candidate will have the following skills:
Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, complexity
Experience with different programming paradigms
Experience of all stages in the project lifecycle
Versed in several programming languages
Good Unix and Windows skills

It is expected that you will be highly proficient in all industry standard programming languages including (but not limited to): Java, including threading, reflection, classloaders, C & C++, C#, Visual Basic (including VBA and VB.NET), Perl, Python, JavaScript and ActionScript (Flash), J2EE, XML & XLST, SOAP & Web Services, SQL, MySQL, Object-Relational Mapping, HTML, CSS & Web Design, Object-Oriented Design, Most GUI toolkits including Java Swing, Win32, GTK.

You will work with a wide range of technologies, platforms and media. A reasonable proportion of your work will involve building web sites using Java or .NET and related technologies. On the other hand, there will be a lot of other work too, from developing internal products, to consultancy and development on systems that have nothing to do with the web.

Whatever project you work on you will play a key role in working with clients and managing the delivery of projects, from scoping and requirements gathering through to final deployment.

Opportunities exist for the best Developers across the experience spectrum and so the salary on offer ranges from 35,000 to 65,000 depending on your background. There is also a bonus, healthcare and pension scheme.

The role will suit a Lead Software Developer, Senior Developer, Programmer, Software Consultant, Software Engineer and living within a commutable distance of London, South East or willing to relocate.

Job Type : Permanent

Location : London, South East

Salary : 35k - 65k pa + Benefits

Date Advertised : 10 Feb 2009

Sorry, this position is no longer available.

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